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Phoenix Professional Employer Services understands the challenges facing today’s business owners. Hiring, termination, compliance, benefits, safety, and other human resources issues can be overwhelming and often consume time and energy better suited to business core competencies. Most small business owners do not have the resources to hire a full-time human resources department, let alone the time or experience to become a human resource expert. Professional human resource management is actually an asset to increase productivity; just imagine how it could help if someone managed those distractions for you.

Allowing Phoenix to manage your personnel administration allows you to focus on running your core business and not worry about Human Resources issues.

We offer a cafeteria-style administration program that includes

Let Phoenix Professional Employer Services become your human resources partner and turn your Human Resources headaches into an enhanced employee benefit package. Contact us today so that we may prepare a custom proposal directed at solving your Human Resource needs.

Or contact us at (419) 885-2151 for more information.

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